Australian Visa Application: Changes to the Definition of Family Unit

Some Australian visa application allow potential migrants to include family members in the process under the Member of the Family Unit (MoFu) arrangements. The definition of the MoFu, however, has changed effective since 19th November 2016.

The changes to the Definition of Family Unit will apply to some provisional and temporary visa, and permanent visa subclasses. This changes is in line with the Department of Home Affairs’ (DHA) goal of making the family members who will be included in the visa application more consistent with arrangements available to Australian citizens and permanent residents wanting to bring family members to Australia.

Below are the summary of the changes:

  • Children can no longer be included in the visa application if they are over 23 (unless incapacitated)
  • Other relatives such as siblings or single parents will no longer be able to be added to the visa application

For more detailed information regarding the changes, Form 1496i, discussing the rules and regulations about including family members in your application, has been amended by the DHA.