How the Federal Election can Affect Australia Immigration

NTRUST has been in the immigration business for over ten years and we have seen so many changes in the government and immigration ministers. The most remarkable being three administration ministers changed in the past two years.

This coming Saturday, 7th September, will come yet another nail-biting election thus especially for people affected by the current immigration in Australia. Traditionally, what we have seen that Liberal’s Party has ended to be very pro-immigration under former Prime Minister John Howard and other ministers before him. Immigration has been relatively easy going for a lot of our clients but since the Labor has taken over, the immigration situation became a lot stricter and had implemented more radical changes.

However, whatever the situation and whatever the outcome of the election is, it is highly unlikely that there will be drastic changes to any immigration policies and this is our firm’s position. Therefore, the advice is you have to determine yourself after you consulted with a professional to be qualified under the current immigration situation. Take advantage of the situation right now whilst you qualify to migrate to Australia.