This is for skilled individuals who are looking to migrate to Australia to fill in skills shortages. It is point-tested and is done through independent, State/Territory sponsored, or family sponsored application.

This is a visa option if you wish to join your family in Australia. It is normally done through parent, child or partner visa application.

You can apply for your citizenship status in many different ways, provided you are able to meet the minimum criteria. It usually is by conferral or by descent.

This application is done if you want to extend your current permanent visa, or if you are contemplating of migrating to Australia again after your PR status has expired.

It is your ticket to any of the Australian education providers to further your studies by way of pursuing any degree that will lead to a potential PR status subsequently.

If you are considering going through as an investor or business owner, this visa gives you the right to put up your own business in Australia.

Which program is most suitable for migrating to Australia from Singapore?

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Working in an occupation that is in demand in Australia, be aged between 25 – 44 years old, possess English language skills, hold a diploma, degree or relevant education cert and have medium to long work experience in a similar field.

The best time to apply for migration to Australia was last year, two years ago, four years ago. The immigration process will never be as easy as it was before.

Online job portals, adverts in newspapers, magazines and international recruitment agencies offer an excellent head start to land a new job.

Whatever is happening globally is still uncertain. When will the Australian borders be opening. Everyone has no idea. Have they stopped accepting applications? There may be delays, but they have not stopped accepting applications for now. What should you do? We, at NTRUST, always believe in the concept of “just in case”, where we all need to be resilient and understand what we should do not when we badly need them the most, but because we want to be ready and to secure ourselves from further setbacks.

The later you start, the longer you take to complete your application. But as an indication, it may take 2-3 months, or it can take 20-30 months.

Meanwhile, you can view the current processing times for specific visa subclasses as the duration may change over time.