What to Know About Family Migration?

Thinking of bringing your partner or family over to join you in Australia? This is the pathway for you. If you have a family member or relative who is over 18 years old, an Australian citizen or permanent resident living in Australia, and is willing to sponsor you, you may be eligible to migrate to Australia from Singapore under one of the Family Migration Programs.

Partner Migration

If you intend to or carrying on a marital relationship with an Australian PR or citizen, you may apply for a partner visa on producing verifiable documentary evidences in support of the continuous, loving and committed relationship.

Depending on the relationship, you may apply for a Prospective Marriage, Spousal or Interdependent visa.

Parent Migration

To sponsor your parents,

  1. you need to be an Australian citizen/permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen;
  2. you have been resident in Australia for a minimum period of 2 years, and;
  3. your parent(s) passes the balance of family test (ie. 50% of your parent’s children must reside in Australia)

Whilst there is no age limit applicable for the parent visas, the health and character requirements will apply.

When approved, your parent will have full work rights, multiple re-entry travel facility as well as being able to access Medicare.

Child Migration

If you and/or your spouse is an Australian Citizen or PR, you can sponsor a child under 18 years of age (including adopted). However, if the child is 18 years old or above, he/she must be single, full-time student and fully dependent on the sponsoring parent.

How To Apply

When migrating to Australia from Singapore, it is very important to strategize the sponsorship application before lodging it in. To avoid the disappointment of leaving a person very important to you, you must maximize the possibility of getting the application approved.

If you are keen to sponsor a member of your family, a relative, or your carer, you may schedule an appointment by calling our office at +65 6299 0245 to let our immigration specialists give you advice on how to take matters forward.