Hidden Gems Inside Australia Regional Property Markets

With great convenience of living in major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, not to mention the number of job opportunities available, it is certain that most people who are planning to migrate to Australia from Singapore or from elsewhere will be attracted to buy properties located in capital cities. Little do they know, there are also best performing markets away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

While it is true that the demand and price growth of properties are way different in regional markets compared to capital cities, regional property markets have proven that the demand and price growth can be as equal as the share of the major cities. According to Cameron Kusher, research analyst in CoreLogic RP Data, “what you are finding, particularly in areas like Newcastle and Wollongong is that as people are getting priced out of Sydney you are seeing a lot more activity there, values rising.” He even added that the regional lifestyle markets have their fair share as well.

Mr. Kusher confirmed that there are many affordable options outside major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, however, he also thought the reason why people are hesitant to jump onto regional property markets is the effect of making the move and finding a decent job in these regional cities.

Planning to migrate to Australia is just as complex as deciding to move from major cities to regional ones. However, you might also be overlooking the many hidden opportunities or advantages these regional cites may have to offer.

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