Australia Becoming More Popular for Asian Migrants

Australia Becoming More Popular for Asian Migrants

The 2016 Australia Census shows Australia is now becoming more Asian than European.

The statement was supported by data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that despite England and New Zealand remained the most common birthplaces after Australia, the number of people born in China and India increased compared from 2011 census. The Philippines swapped positions with Italy, moving from the 8th place to 6th. Moreover, Malaysia is now appearing in the top 10, representing 0.6% of the Australian population.

Alongside with the data above , the number of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population increased also from 2.5% (2011) to 2.8% (2016).

Australia’s Diverse Culture

Australia remains to be a vibrant country. Its rich, cultural diversity is one of the greatest strengths why more and more people are migrating to Australia from Singapore and from other parts of the world. Being considered as one of the most successful immigration nation in the world, Australian government continues to focus on delivering sustained economic prosperity, partnered with systematized immigration program over the years.

Certainly, robust migration has contributed a lot to the nation’s population growth. With a good quality of life, backed up with a steady economy and ever improving migration programmes, surely, Australia will continue to be one of the most preferred destinations for migrants across the world.

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