Australia Constantly Attracting More Migrants

Australia Constantly Attracting More Migrants

In the past years, Australia is continuously attracting immigrants from across the globe. Aside from the fact that Australia, particularly Melbourne, being the most livable country in the world, the economic benefits have also its fair share in helping people to decide to migrate to Australia.

Australia, being considered as the most successful immigration nation, focuses on delivering sustained economic prosperity combined with a generous immigration program over generations. Emphasising as well on English language skills and strengthening nation’s multiculturalism, Australia stays firm in taking in qualified migrants regardless of birthplace, cultural background and religion.

Apart from the strong fertility rate of Australia, robust migration has also contributed to the faster-than-expected growth of the nation’s population. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the resident population hit almost 24.5million as of 15 April 2017. Based on a research conducted, the annual number of migrants to Australia is 1.1 percent of its population which makes the nation 3.5 times as open to immigration compared to the United States.

Migrating to Australia to start a new life with your family Down Under is one of the biggest decisions you can ever make in your life. The entire process may be challenging and there might be so many bumps along the way, but leaving all your worries behind and taking steps one at a time to process your migration papers can help you move further rather than being stuck.

With a great work-life balance, backed up with a stable economy and wonderful places to settle in, Australia will continue to be one of the most preferred migration destinations in the world.

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