Australia Immigration: Transitioning Into Another New Decade

Australia Immigration: Transitioning Into Another New Decade

The past decade has been a rollercoaster ride for Australia Immigration programme – a decade full of ups and downs – that it feels like a diverse period in history. The 2010s have brought so many developments, and at the same time political and social struggles that have made it a very turbulent decade, especially to those contemplating to migrate across to Australia.

We can easily put the blame to the authorities, making it more difficult for aspiring migrants to penetrate, but somehow thanks to them as well for redefining policies and regulations, still giving migration opportunities to us rather than nothing.

What we have observed over the years is that every start of the year, we get quite substantial inquiries. By substantial, means people wanting to be assisted to move across to Australia have been 50% up compared to the other months.

It has been the same; we believed people in Singapore or elsewhere think, “Okay, I’ve been wanting a big change, but I don’t know where to start.”

Truth be told, it will never be easy now to penetrate, thus, people would wonder “is making the big move to Australia a new year’s resolution material?” No, you don’t have complete control over migrating to Australia, but if you have been putting it off for a decade now, it’s going to be tougher because your application may have gone been compromised due to the changes.

It’s never too late… until you reach 45 years old.

Definitely, we set New Year’s resolution that is achievable, otherwise, we are just putting ourselves to failure. Given that approval for your visa application solely depends on the discretion of the authorities, maybe the big question that you should know is “Am I qualified?” For us, there are three possible outcomes; you do qualify and meet the preliminary requirements, you don’t qualify because you are not skilled enough, and your chances are slim, but there’s something workable.

One of our clients who is now living as a permanent resident in Australia did qualify many years ago, but eligibility was compromised in the middle of his application. The state he was eyeing to go set a minimum English requirement; he has to retake several times to achieve the required score. He could have halted the application, but he did not. On his fifth attempt, he was able to get the desired score, and quickly lodge the state nomination application.

You just need to know if this is something achievable for you. It’s definitely a dream for so many, but only a few brave ones are willing to take the dive, and these are the determined people who wanted to take the big move.

Call us now at +65 6299 0245 to talk to one of our experienced consultants. Who knows, we might have something achievable for your Australia migration new year’s resolution.