Australia Pr Application Is Getting Tougher: So What?

Australia Pr Application Is Getting Tougher: So What?

It is no doubt that Australia Immigration rules and regulations are getting tougher each year. Come new fiscal year and whatever the results of the national election going to be, we are still expecting some changes to happen in its immigration legislative.

While it may seem like impossible for you now to penetrate into the nation already as an Australian Permanent Resident (PR), we beg to disagree.

Responsibilities of a Registered Migration Agent

NTRUST, as the most established Australia Registered migration agency in Singapore, always aims to help families migrate to Australia, be it through the skilled migration program or partner visa route. As being regulated with the Migration Agents Registration Authorities (MARA), we are restricted to provide in the best of our abilities based on the present circumstances of our clients and of course on the legislation. We strongly represent our clients’ case to the immigration department, ensuring that our success records will not be compromised. Housing multiple migration agents, we take pride in ensuring we are up to date with the current immigration rules and regulations for us to provide only legal and truthful advice.

Immigration Application Options

Just because Australia Immigration legislation is getting tougher, it doesn’t mean it is the end of your Australian dream life. Despite the changes, there are still other options, if not a direct PR visa, that can help you roll over to a permanent residency in the long run. For example, the Subclass489 – Designated Area Sponsorship which only requires you to stay in the sponsoring regional area for two years with one year full-time employment for you to apply for a PR later on. We, as your trusted Immigration agency, we are bound to provide you application options pertaining to your present circumstances.

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