Be Alert: Don’t Be A Victim Of Visa Fraud

Be Alert: Don’t Be A Victim Of Visa Fraud

People planning to migrate to Australia from Singapore or any part of the world with the intention to study, work or settle there are being reminded to make sure that they get the right advice from registered migration agents or any sponsorship from a reliable source only.

Apart from you are being warned to be aware of people who are not in the position to assess your eligibility or to sort any information and fee from you, you also need to at least be aware of the rules and regulation of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to cover yourself.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia, especially if you are applying for Skilled migration, you need to be aware of people saying or giving you guarantee they can help you move to Australia for a fee by giving you false references.

With that saying, a woman was put to jail after being convicted of visa fraud. An investigation made by the DHA said that the 47-year-old woman is providing students on temporary visa false work references for a fee to process their permanent skilled migration applications. The woman was sentenced to 18 months’ jail and a 3-year good behaviour bond with $2000 fine.

Another instance is that one of our potential client has consulted us saying that she received a job offer and email from Australia, but the email says the sender is from an Assistant Manager in Immigration and Boarder Protection, Victoria. As we examine the documents given to us by the potential customer, we allegedly identified that there is a fraud being committed, because there is a notification that it is an email scam. The email did not contain any indications that we recognize having originated from the DHA.

What are the roles of a registered migration agent?

At NTRUST, we only specialize in Australia migration alone, meaning our agents are knowledgeable in every aspect of Australia Immigration process. We assess casework depending on the eligibility criteria of a person. If you are not eligible to migrate to Australia, we will tell you upfront and migration to other destinations such as New Zealand, Canada and UK is not an option for our clients. As being regulated by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), we are entitled to behave in a manner that it won’t affect our credibility and our position as registered Australia migration agency.

You are being warned to be meticulous about your plans of migrating to Australia. It won’t make any harm researching first on your own about how to apply for PR in Australia or any type of visa application. Doing so can increase your knowledge about the entire process and keep you away from being a victim of fraud.