General Skilled Migration Program Changes In South Australia

General Skilled Migration Program Changes In South Australia

South Australia (SA) is home to great employment opportunities in all levels of skill, be it in private or public sectors. However, a reminder due to the coming new fiscal year, Immigration SA will be implementing some changes with its General Skilled Migration (GSM) program — information that you need to be aware of should you consider applying for Australian Visa and opt for South Australia state nomination.

Revised State Nomination Occupation List (SNOL)

On the 4th of July 2016, anytime from 12pm, Immigration SA is set to publish the revised SNOL. It is important that you nominate an occupation that matches your qualifications and/or work experience from the revised list determined by the South Australia government. Take note also that there will be some revisions in English and work experience requirements in some occupations.

Application System for Subclass 190/489 will be Temporarily Closed

Fresh applications for subclass 190/489 will have to wait from 9am on 30th June until the revised SNOL is published on the 4th July. A gentle reminder as well if you have submitted your application, but haven’t made the payment yet to settle your submissions before 9am, South Australian time, on 30th June, otherwise, your application will be deleted.

What you Need to Know about the High Points Category

South Australia has temporarily reduced the requirement for high points category from 85 to 80 points starting on the 4th July. You can apply for either subclass 190 or 489 considering that you meet the points and the other skilled nomination requirements as well. Be informed also that quotas apply to nominations in the high points category. Once a quota is reached in a particular occupation, applications may be closed.

Requirements for ICT Offshore Applicants

Starting 4th July, Immigration SA will also require candidates for ICT occupations that is on the SNOL to meet a minimum of 70 points, including state nomination points, in the Department of Home Affairs points test. There will be additional documents required to be submitted if you are applying for an occupation with a higher points requirement. These changes apply to any occupation involving a skills assessment from the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

These are only a few of the changes that you need to take note when considering South Australia state nomination. With years of experience in the industry, NTRUST will thoroughly assess if you qualify under skilled migration. You may complete our free online assessment form to let our consultant initially evaluate your eligibility. Alternatively, call (65) 6299 0245 to book a professional consultation appointment with one of our consultants.