Is Australia Immigration Still Cancelled For 2021?

Is Australia Immigration Still Cancelled For 2021?

With the goal to safeguard Australian citizens and residents first in acquiring economic support during the pandemic, it’s going to be 12 months now when Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had encouraged not just visitors, but international student to go back to their home countries during a press conference on COVID update.

They noted there were 1.6 million temporary visa holders in Australia at that time, and these temporary visa holders are ineligible for social security benefits, which will make them very difficult to survive in Australia while the pandemic is continuously affecting the nation.

But just a few months before the new fiscal year in Australia, the Prime Minister has made a big U-Turn, now saying that Australia needs to overhaul temporary migration to aid the nation’s emerging skill shortages.

Even Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration, Julian Leeser, said, “Australia needs to replace the skilled migrants that left our shores as a result of the pandemic. Without the return of skilled migration, Australia’s economic recovery will be severely hampered and it will be harder to create more jobs for Australians.”

For more insights on the movement done by the administration, read on:,14918

While there are still uncertainties as to when things will get back to normal, we shouldn’t let the present circumstances define our future. Plan ahead as we will never know what’s in store for us, considering how dynamic Australia immigration rules and regulations are. Get an assessment of your eligibility criteria on how you can migrate to Australia from Singapore through a one-on-one consultation. Call +65 6299 0245 for a professional appointment.