Jobs In Demand For Skilled Migrants In Australia 2021

Jobs In Demand For Skilled Migrants In Australia 2021

Doctors and Nurses Skilled Migration

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed job markets all over the world. As certain industries lag behind and suffer the brunt of the pandemic, other sectors have seen increased demand for new staff to support a shortage of labour.

In light of such changes, the Australian government has decided to welcome new skilled migrants by updating migration policies to support the country’s current workforce.

If you are wondering how to migrate to Australia from Singapore, here are four industries and sectors in Australia that are currently recovering and seeking out skilled migrant workers.

1. Healthcare

The pandemic has seen surges in demand for medical staff all around the globe, and Australia is no exception.

The well-being and safety of healthcare workers are of utmost priority, but reducing working hours has proven to be a tremendously difficult task due to the shortage of workers. It is estimated that by 2025, at least 100,000 new nurses will be needed to support the system and its increased demand.

As expected, healthcare workers have reported increased levels of stress and burnout during the pandemic. The Royal Melbourne Hospital conducted a poll, and over 61% of 10,000 Australian healthcare workers reported experiencing feelings of heightened anxiety. 58% of the respondents also shared feelings of burnout during the pandemic.

Delving deeper, in actuality, there are many other reasons why policymakers are looking for ways to alleviate the strain on the current healthcare system. Poor employee morale will also impact patient care and the quality of service, so more registered nurses and other medical staff are welcomed with open arms to immigrate and support the current system.

Some other positions with heightened demand include disabled and aged carers, as Australia faces the problem of an ageing population and stagnant birth rates.

2. The tech industry

Tech is a booming industry worldwide, and it has grown in importance during the pandemic as companies move online. Aside from telecommunication platforms, eCommerce and even payroll software have proven to be of massive benefit as companies transition to a digital-first environment.

Similarly, Australia expects high future demand for employees in the tech industry, and software developers are especially sought after. Some specific fields include user experience and full-stack development. ICT security specialists and project managers are also in demand.

Even without a shortage of skilled technical staff, Australia seeks to accommodate future growth and demand by attracting more migrants in the present to join the tech industry. For example, Victoria’s Skilled Migration Programme specifically targets individuals who have experience in the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine) sector.

3. Remote jobs

Australia has seen sharp increments in online shopping. In December 2020, online shopping increased by over 55% compared to December 2019. Additionally, more than 5.6 million Australian households transitioned to e-commerce for groceries and other needs, with a record of 21.3% growth compared to 2019.

With high demands for such services, it is no surprise that e-commerce specialists, such as warehouse operators and inventory managers, are needed to support the growth of the industry. These jobs are not only necessary to support the e-commerce industry but are also extremely popular for their remote working conditions.

As society begins to treat remote working as the norm, such jobs will also experience increased demand and value.

4. with transferable skills

COVID-19 has seen levels of volatility and uncertainty spike in unprecedented conditions. As it becomes increasingly difficult to predict the economy’s direction and ensure its stability, the next best way to secure a job would be to possess transferable skills that allow seamless transitioning between industries.

Transferable skills come in all forms; they can either be soft or hard skills. Otherwise speaking, they can also refer to technical skills which are needed for specific industries. Required baseline skills in a wide variety of industries include people management and supply chain management.

Some jobs that showcase transferable skills include construction workers and teachers. The former includes mathematical literacy and project management, while teachers display experience in multi-tasking and coordination.


With careful curation and organisation of your applications and resume, finding a job in Australia will be less difficult than you expect. Look out for these job openings as you make the switch overseas, and remember that migration is still a possibility during the COVID-19 pandemic!

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