Just in Time Vs Just in Case

Just in Time Vs Just in Case

While there are decisions we find so easy, like what to wear on a special occasion, there are still many decisions we find very difficult to deal with, especially if we are putting into consideration our future and the betterment of our family.

Most of the time, it is impossible to gain consensus on whether our decision is bad or good. But, it is always possible to ensure that you engage in a proper decision-making process every time you need to make a big move.
Should we engage ourselves to something worthwhile “just in case” we need them in the future? Or should we do the things we need “just in time”, when we suddenly realise we actually need them now?

With all the uncertainties happening globally, which may potentially affect our future, the analogy carries quite well to doing what we should do not when we badly need them the most, but because we wanted to be ready and to secure ourselves from further setbacks.

At this point in time, we may need to re-evaluate our lives and value the importance of cultivating alternate sourcing and leveraging on other better opportunities rather than just settling to what is already there. Being resilient is critical for surviving in a pandemic such as COVID-19 — where we live in a very risky global situation that demands speed and flexibility.

This pandemic has certainly taught us to consider all options available and find the middle ground — something that we think may not work for our family, but is actually the best option at the moment.

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