Migrate To Australia: Avoiding Visa Refusal

Migrate To Australia: Avoiding Visa Refusal

With the immigration regulations getting tougher and visa refusal rate increasing each year, migrating to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere will never be as easy as it is five to eight years ago.

In an interview with Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Minister Peter Dutton, he said that the government is now having a war on fraudulent claims. For the past ten years, the previous financial year (2017-18) is Australia’s lowest migration rate. This is due to border’s integrity restoration, following the goal to only bring in the best migrants possible into the nation.

Almost every day, we’re receiving calls and inquiries from people who have had received rejections, even those who were just on the skills assessment stage. Reasons vary ranging from qualifications not equivalent to Australia Qualifications Framework (AQF) and over-claiming work experience points, to having a family member with serious medical conditions.

If you are really keen in lodging your Australia Permanent Resident (PR) application, getting professional advice or assistance has never been more important. There are no other people more relevant than the registered migration agents when seeking professional help with your application.

Reality is…

Reading online, visiting different Australia migration forums or consulting Facebook friends is really helpful. However relying on them so much is not really advisable, especially now that immigration rules and regulations are very dynamic. Your friend who obtained an Australian PR 4 years ago might have had an easy ride, but everything has changed drastically over the past months to two years. The thing about the DHA is there’s no grey area for them; it is either you meet their criteria or you don’t. And some more, getting a refusal from your first application may hurt your chances of getting approved for your next attempts.

Our duties and responsibilities…

As the most established, registered Australia migration agency in Singapore, we are dedicated to doing things in the best of our abilities to help your application get across the line. We conduct an initial consultation for us to have a better understanding of your family’s eligibility criteria. As regulated by the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA), we need to be upfront in telling you whether you are eligible to apply or not. With 15 years of experience, we have seen immigration rules and regulations become so dynamic. Small policy update such as an increase in passmark points can have a big impact on your application.

Yes, major changes can be seen on headlines, but migration agents know everything until the very small details on an ongoing basis, including English score changes, deduction of work experience, removal of occupations on the list, and which regional areas sponsor particular nominated occupation. As we abide by the MARA code of conduct, we are accountable in ensuring all applications will be in its strongest possible state.

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