Migrating to Australia: Why I Think Western Australia is Best?

Migrating to Australia: Why I Think Western Australia is Best?

I’m often asked why I chose to live in Western Australia and not the more popular and ‘attractive’ eastern states. Having a Skilled Independent visa, I could live and work anywhere in Australia, but the following reasons justify why going where everyone else goes is not always the best choice.

For one, living in one of the world’s more isolated cities make it easier for the local government to shut the state down during a global pandemic, just like the one we are presently experiencing. To give the government credit, this strategy actually worked and we’ve experienced several days now with ZERO new coronavirus cases.

I simply like the size of our homes, so even in the worst case scenario like extended home quarantine, there’s just so many more things you can do at home you won’t have time to feel bored.

Being the biggest state with only a couple of million residents, there’s more than enough space for everyone so social distancing isn’t really a problem. We’re so big that you could choose the type of weather you’d like; growing durian trees in the north, peaches and pears in the south of the state.

WA’s pretty capital Perth has often been rated among the world’s top 10 cities to live in. We’re multicultural, multi-religious, clean and rich in every God given resource, so much so that I think we should really be a separate country of our own.

Bustling, noisy and fast paced cities in Asia are within the same time zone and flying to these is just 4–7 hours away. Whilst some people complain that its quiet and slow placed here well, I think that this is precisely the reason Western Australia is the BEST!

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