Migration Program Intake Increased From 23,000 To 25,000

Migration Program Intake Increased From 23,000 To 25,000

More and more opportunities for the Skilled Migrants and International Students.

After the initial success of the federal government’s initiative, they’ve decided to increase the allocation for regional places in their immigration scheme for this year from 23,000 to 25,000. Aside from that, Perth and Gold Coast will no longer classify as major cities in an effort to make them destinations for Skilled Migrants and International Students.

Skilled migrants are now being encouraged to move to Perth and the Gold Coast as these two cities asked to be named regional areas to attract more skilled workers.

Migrants who agree to spend a three-year stint in regional Australia will have their applications elevated to the top of the list.

This big decision to include the Gold Coast and Perth on the list of destinations followed a big push from universities, who were keen to attract more international students. This changes will definitely boost the confidence of universities to increase their investment in new research, new programs, new facilities.


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