NAB Survey Revealed Australia Is the Best Choice

NAB Survey Revealed Australia Is the Best Choice

Internationally, Australia has always been preferred as one of the most liveable places all over the world. And with the recent survey conducted by the National Australia Bank (NAB) into living standards, 99% of the Australians seems to believe that their country is certainly the best place to be. This can possibly be one of the reasons people internationally are planning to migrate to Australia.

Despite revealing the results that economy and education are contributing less, it seems that Australians still continue valuing the safety and security, the climate and environment, and the diversity of living the most.

After gathering the data, the survey found Australians giving more importance to their safety and security the most. In fact, 36 per cent of the respondents considered security highest. In South Australia, 43 per cent of the respondents thought that safety is their main reason why it is more enjoyable to live in Australia. Next to safety and security, general lifestyle and friendliness make the place more enjoyable to live in for Australians.

Because Australia is now facing an economic crunch, the economic stability contributed less with this year only 18 per cent of the overall rating, which is lower from the 21 per cent in 2015.

Overall, despite the economic problem, Australians still prefer their place to be the most convenient and enjoyable place to live in.

For more information regarding the survey, please refer to this report.