No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy

No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy

Australia, for the past years, has been considered a nation of immigrants. With great lifestyle and career advancements available, the country has benefited as much from the number of migrants who have contributed in the economic prosperity.

Truth be told, Australia immigration process will never be as easy as it was five to eight years ago. In fact, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has introduced several changes to Australian visas on the first quarter of the year. These changes may impact a wide range of applicants opting for work, partner or even the permanent resident visas. Some major changes announced in March relate to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) programme, where some occupations have been removed from the list. Also, a new list called Regional Occupation List (ROL) has been introduced, which is relevant for the subclass 489 visa applications.

Timing is Everything

After the major changes with the immigration rules and regulations, migrating to Australia from Singapore or from anywhere else is by no means guaranteed. And when we say timing, we are not to convince you that Australia immigration is the best thing for you. Thus, we will only assess your eligibility based on your present circumstances and against the immigration rules and regulations. As what we always tell to our clients, you must seize the opportunity when it is still available. You’ll never know, or we will never know until when you will be eligible. At the end of the day, every decision is from the immigration authorities.

What We Do?

As the most established Registered Australia Migration Agent, NTRUST is regulated to just be upfront in all the professional advice we provide. During your consultation appointment, you will know whether you will be eligible or not. You’ll be provided application options on how you can get your Australian visa. The immigration process is tedious; one mistake and all your effort will go to waste. We are devoted to represent and advocate your application to the best that we can. Be mindful of companies who are unlawful pretending to have migration agents. Always check the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA) website to ensure you are only dealing with registered authorities.

We do all types of Australian Visa Application. Call us at +65 6299 0245 to book a professional appointment.