NTRUST’s Corporate Position: Addressing The Covid Situation

NTURST's Corporate Position: Addressing The Covid Situation

covid situation in Australia

Globally, the future remains uncertain with regards to the developing health situation. The virus mutates, scientists try to catch up as governments struggle to contain and manage pandemic. Against a backdrop of uncontrollable factors, what will you do to protect and safeguard your future and lifestyle?

Compared with other countries, most of Australia has dealt with the COVID-19 relatively well. Millions of Australians continue to enjoy the same life as it was before the pandemic but not because Australians are more resilient against the diseases, more hygienic, or that their leaders or health authorities better able to cope with the global pandemic. Quite simply, Australians are blessed to live in a big country with excellent, well-spaced out infrastructure. Most Australians live in large homes and travel in their own private transport; yes, it is very unusual for an Australian family not to have at least 1 family car.

Crowded cities are where the diseases are always going to wreak the most havoc. Unfortunately, there are 3 small parts of Australia that continue to struggle to contain the pandemic. Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are unnecessarily overcrowded and this is due, in no small part, to immigration. However, Australia is much bigger than these three overcrowded cities, and whilst they struggle with the challenges of containing the Delta variant, much of the country has been presently flourishing and shall continue to live out socially distanced lifestyles.

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You don’t have to immediately make a move after a successful Australia PR application. But knowing the demand for it and how long it would take before it is approved are both equally important, what are you doing now to protect you and your loved one’s future?