Protecting Borders and Migration Boosting Australia’s Economy

Protecting Borders and Migration Boosting Australia’s Economy

To provide more protection on Australia’s borders, the Australian Government announced a new reform that will form a new agency which will be consisted by the combined effort of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. The new single front-line agency will be known as the Australian Border Force.

Australia BorderScott Morrison, the minister for Immigration and Border Protection stated in his speech that this change will both enhance our national security and create an even stronger national economy.

The reform will take effect on 1st July 2015.

Migration Helping Australia’s Economy

On a separate announcement made by Mr. Morrison, he stated that immigration is still plays an enormous role to boost the country’s economy. The Australian government also announced that they will prioritize growth in the business visa programs.

“The Abbott Government is ensuring our migration program matches the nation’s economic and skills needs while also contributing to a cohesive and strong community,” the minister said.

No change will take place to the overall migration program of 190,000 for the 2014-15 year.

The breakdown will be as follows:

  • Skilled Stream – 128,550
  • Family Stream – 60,885
  • Special Eligibility Stream – 565
  • Total – 190,000
Other Family and Non-Contributory Parent Programs to Be Removed

From 1st July 2014, it will no longer be possible to apply for some visa programs under the Family Stream. The visa programs that will be removed are the following:

  • Remaining Relative – when an applicant’s close family members are permanently and legally living in Australia.
  • Aged Dependent Relative – when an older relative is being supported by an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Carer Visas – when a relative needs to give substantial, continuing assistance to an Australian citizen or permanent resident who has a medical condition.

On the other hand, there will be additional places that will be available to the partner and child streams which normally take shorter time to process compared to the visa programs that will be taken out.

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