Reasons Most Filipinos Migrate To Australia

Reasons Most Filipinos Migrate To Australia

Sad truth is more and more Filipinos are thinking of migrating to Australia from Singapore or Philippines year after year. In fact, a couple of years ago prior to COVID-19, we have supplied the most number of skilled and low-skilled workers all throughout the globe. It goes to show how eager each and every one of us to move out. For what reasons? Only one thing in common: BETTER FUTURE.

Whatever reasons we may have, be it for self-fulfillment, career growth, financial stability or economic reasons, many of us who took the risk and left the country have made a decision to start a new chapter of our lives in the hopes of having a better future. In fact, Australia has been continuously attracting migrants from all over the world, especially Filipinos. Aside from Australia, specifically Melbourne, being the most livable country in the world, one of the reasons why many decide to Migrate to Australia is because of its economic benefits.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the reasons why many Filipinos are choosing Australia:

1. Medicare – Being an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) gives you and your family access to free medical facilities and subsidies medicines. Not only that, you can also get free medical treatments when holding an Australian PR. Isn’t it something that we look forward to for our family’s welfare?

2. Advanced Educational Attainment – Other than the many career opportunity available in Australia, being an Australian PR also gives you chance to purse higher education for yourselves. You have to check with your state regarding their university fess, as school funds and regulations vary from state by state. If you are facing financial incapacity, you can also take advantage of the Higher Education Loans Program (HELP). This program covers tuition fees, university materials, and many more depending on your eligibility.

3. Social Security – This is one of the things we expect receiving from our Philippine government; a definite social security. In Australia, a master program called Centrelink by Social Security Department is available to provide social security benefits such as student benefits, sickness, unemployment, and many more. What makes it more attractive is that you can extend these benefits to your family members. This is rewarded though after you have settled in Australia for two years.

4. Live in Australia INDEFINITELY -One pf the perks of holding an Australian PR is you have the privilege to live in Australia whenever you want to. Your Australian PR is valid for 5 years, so you can go in and out of the country provided that your visa is still valid. After 5 years, and you wish to settle down in Australia indefinitely, you can do so. But, if you have plans of travelling outside Australia, you’ll have to apply for a Resident Return Visa (RRV); you have to check though if you are eligible for it.

5. Level up your PR to Citizenship – When opting to apply for Australian Citizenship status, you have to bear in mind that you would need to live and stay in Australia for four years prior to your application to become eligible. Not only that, you have to prove good character requirement and English language proficiency. You would need to pass the citizenship test as well to demonstrate integration with the Australian community and responsibilities.

These are only a few of the many benefits you will get if you apply for an Australian PR visa. It may be very risky during the application stage, most especially that the government has been raising the standards so high, but everything will be worthwhile after obtaining your visa.