Why you should start now?

When should you start your visa application?

Throughout our 20 years in this industry, the question we are always asked the most is “When should I begin my visa application?” And our answer will always be, “Always apply for what you qualify for when you qualify.” The reason is, if you wait and wish to apply in the future, you may not qualify.

Applying for a visa to Australia is not an overnight process and it does take time. It can take months or years, depending on your eligibility criteria. Australia’s immigration process will only get more stringent as years pass by and regulations change from time to time. You can never predict what their next move will be.

Australian visa application is more than just filling out application forms and submitting documentations; it is a highly legalistic process that requires patience and knowledge. The general rule of thumb is to never get any advice from online or friends. Even though it is fine to seek help at first, always keep in mind that no two cases are the alike. What others may be successful in applying, you may not.

This is where NTRUST comes into the picture. Our consultants, with their unmatched depth of experience and knowledge will be able to assist you with your intention of migrating to Australia. Contact us at +65 6299 0245 or you can fill out the free assessment form.