Addressing Australia Skills Shortage: A Shed of Light

Addressing Australia Skills Shortage: A Shed of Light

With the goal to help businesses employ staff and for the economy to recover, the Australian government will review its Skilled Migration Programme.

According to the report, the Parliament’s joint standing committee on migration will review the regulations to determine who are the best applicants to be given skilled visas to enter Australia.

Due to the border restrictions implemented, 2,720 people arrived in Australia on permanent skilled visas in December 2020, compared to 34,770 in the same period a year earlier. Also, there has been a noticeable 11% dropped in skilled visa stream applications lodged in 2019-20 compared to its previous year.

According to the report, with the goal to support migrants in making Australia their home, ACCI’s employment Director Jenny Lambert suggested that migrants who were already in Australia on other employer-sponsored skilled visas should be given a pathway to permanency.