What Migrants Say About Australia?

What Migrants Say About Australia?

Migrants still plays the bigger part in the population growth of Australia. Just in 2019, 7.5 million migrants are noted to be living in Australia where those born in England remains the largest migrant group, not to mention the growing number of migrants from Asia.

As we commemorate the Australia Day, here are some of the stories from some of the migrants:

Nibal ElBshara, Syria

Not so long ago when Nibal made her first moved to Australia; she sought humanitarian visa together with her two brothers and arrived in 2017.

Nibal had a tough time on her first few months, especially dealing with the Australian Accent. She grew up having English as her second language, but she struggled getting used to the Australian accent and slang.

However, there are so many things to be grateful for the moment she realized she is really in the land Down Under.

What Racism?

Nibal was so worried about getting back to her new career path in Australia after leaving Syria as an employee in a retail pharmacy. Luckily, she has gotten assistance from CareerSeekers organization for refugees. She can’t help but reminisce about the employment situation back in Syria where hierarchy and formality is such big issues. In Australia, according to Nibal, everyone treats each other on the same level despite the pay grades. What she truly love about moving across is the acceptance that she got. That certainly is testament that Australia is the is the world’s most successful multicultural society.

Jennifer Vandekreeke, United States

It was just supposed to be a reconnaissance mission for Jennifer when she first set foot in Australia. That tour changed her life forever. She loves how laidback the country is, with all the beautiful beaches out there.

She has lived in 5 countries across four continents, and never had imagined making the big move to Australia. Jennifer, together with the kids and husband, arrived on Australia Day in 2011; now celebrating their 10th year as Aussies.

During the initial period, Jennifer already had this perception about the Australians, which she thought is way better than the Americans. For her, Australians are friendly, fun-loving, and open-minded people. Example that she gave is how Australians start the day in a work meeting, where social chats are present to give the work environment a congenial atmosphere.

These are just only a few of the migrants’ stories showing how grateful they are about making the big decision of moving across to Australia. Australia Day celebrations aim to reflect the diverse society and landscape of the nation.
Who knows you might be able to spend and celebrate the next Australia day there?

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