Australia Immigration: Expect The Unexpected

Australia Immigration: Expect The Unexpected

The new fiscal year,2019-2020, has yet to begin and new government officials are unidentified yet, but a number of changes on the Australia Visa Application process have been implemented already.

Certainly, Australia has been welcoming thousands of migrants each year. However, with the goal to address nation’s population growth and to protect Australian citizens’ employability rate as well, revisions such as new Immigration cap, modification of Skilled Occupation Lists, and regular reviews of the regulations are being set by the government, making it more tougher for people planning to migrate to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere to meet the criteria.

What to expect?

Reality is Australian Immigration rules and regulations are getting tougher and tougher. Prior to the new fiscal year which is on 1st July 2019, the government has expressed its intention of reducing this year’s cap from 190,000 to 160,000 migrant intakes. Furthermore, with the goal to decongest major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, the government will introduce new regional visas that require migrants to live in regional areas for a minimum of three years as a necessity for their permanent residency. The process is extremely dynamic; you might be eligible today, but your eligibility criteria might have been affected following the ever changing legislative changes. We always advise applicants to seize every opportunity while it is still available. We have been dedicated to assisting each applicant to the best of our abilities, providing them the most feasible options for them to make it to the cut.

What to do?

Whilst it is normal to feel worried that your criteria might be compromised sooner or later, there’s no other way but just to jump onto it while there are still available options for your family. We will take you through the application right from the very beginning until you got your new Australian visa. Also, seeking assistance is at utmost importance now, especially that the rules and regulations now are not as easy as they were five to eight years from now. Your friends and colleagues applications may be so smooth when they did the application a few years back, but their eligibility criteria may be different now compared to yours against the present rules and regulations.

Being registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), we are regulated to only provide professional advice based on your present circumstances. With the mission to always provide assistance to families fulfill their dream life in Australia, NTRUST will be dedicated to representing your family’s application from assessing your eligibility criteria to the day we receive your approved Australian Visa. To know if you are eligible or not, book a professional consultation with us by calling +65 6299 0245.