Australia Immigration: Highly Sought After Jobs

Australia Immigration: Highly Sought After Jobs

Despite the ever changing rules and regulations with immigration process, the nation has always been providing a lot of job opportunities in the past few years, both for citizens and people who are intending to migrate to Australia; in fact, an alternative pathway to low skilled migrants was recently made available.

According to the report published by the Department of Jobs and Small Business, more opportunities in the Healthcare and Social Assistance are projected to increase in the next five years to come. Furthermore, industries such as Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Constructions, Education, Accommodation and Food service have also they fair share of contribution in the employment growth of the nation.

Below are the top five largest employing industries as per the report:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance (1,663,900 jobs)

According to the report, this industry is Australia’s largest and fastest growing industry and is expected to have the biggest leap in employment growth over the five years to 2022. This industry is comprised of top five occupations including registered nurse, aged and disabled care provider, child care provider, nursing support, and personal care workers.

  • Retail Trade (1,286,900)

This industry has become more popular for job seekers as this is one of the industries that offers good opportunities for young people to enter the labour market, especially those workforce between 15 and 24 years old.

  • Construction (1,167,200)

Generally, 52% of Australia’s third largest employing industries are Technicians and trades workers, which are also in demand for migrants from all over the world.

  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Service (1,033,000)

This is quite a large and diverse employing industry in Australia where people offering legal advice, accounting services, veterinary services, and computing services. When talking about this industry, we are looking at professionals such as Accountants, Software and Application Developer, Solicitors, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, and Advertising and Marketing Professionals.  

  • Education and Training (1,024,300)

Despite highly educated and University education level is required, there are still so many demands for occupation in this industry. Generally, Primary School Teachers has always been the top occupation of the Education and Training industry where it is more popular to females and part-time workers.

Other than the above-mentioned 5 industries, more occupations are projected to have the largest number of new jobs over the five years to 2022 which includes General Sales Assistants (24,900), General Clerks (22,200), Education Aides (21,900), Software and Applications Programmers (15,100), Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers (14,800).

Yes, there are still so many job opportunities in Australia, but with the effort to protect Australian citizens’ employment opportunities, rules and regulations for the Immigration process, particularly the General Skilled Migration scheme, are being improved regularly to make sure that they are taking in migrants that are highly qualified.

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