Australia Immigration: How Will You Stand Out?

Australia Immigration: How Will You Stand Out?

NTRUST has been assisting thousands of families since 2003 migrating to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere, thus, we have seen drastic changes with the immigration rules and regulations. Truth be told, many families now are feeling hesitant to pursue their Australian dream life because of the uncertainties surrounding the immigration policies. Is the golden age of Australia migration really gone?

We Provide Application Options

Just because you are not eligible today does not mean you cannot be eligible moving forward. Same as just because you are not eligible for a particular visa does not mean you cannot fit in any other visa subclass. With our 16 years of existence in this industry, we are the experts in the ins and outs of the immigration policies. We do not just provide assistance; we provide solutions for all our clients. You just have to leave all your uncertainties behind and let an experienced agency handle your application to a much brighter future down under.

We Make Your Application Noticeable

In accordance with the new points system, particularly the skilled migration programme, we maximize all the possible points you can claim to put your application forward, as Expression of Interests (EOI) are now being ranked. Lucky are those single applicants as they are now going to be prioritized based on the new points system; equal to those applicants with a skilled spouse.

Below will be the order of priority:
• First – primary applicants with a skilled spouse or de facto partner
• Equal First – primary applicants without a spouse or de facto partner
• Second – Primary applicants with a spouse or de facto partner who can demonstrate competent English but does not have the skills for skilled partner points (age and skills)
• Third – Primary applicants with a partner who is ineligible for either competent English or Skilled partner points. These applicants will be ranked below all other cohorts, if all other points claims are equal.

Say you are at 75 points and you have a spouse, but not skilled nor English is not on the Competent Level, you will be on the least priority for those applicants with 75 points, not to mention that there are applicants scoring more than 75 points in the queue. With NTRUST, we will push to the limit, when we have maximized already all the possible points we can claim.

Move to Regional Areas Instead

Many people think that moving to regional areas won’t give them any benefits at all. Little do they know there are many benefits now for the new Provisional Regional Visa Subclass 491. Let’s just say the Department of Home Affairs will prioritize applicants under this stream; they have allocated 25,000 intakes for this programme. Furthermore, the definition of Regional Areas has now been widened, where Perth and Gold Coast and some parts of New South Wales (NSW) were included in the list of regional areas.

Also, as per the rules and regulations published, you can stay in regional areas within the 5 years validity of the visa, ensuring that you are able to meet the minimum requirement of 3 years to stay in any regional area to roll over your visa to a permanent visa. What made it even more attractive is that Visa Subclass 491 holders are now entitled to a Medicare; a benefit that’s not available for the previous Regional Visa Subclass 489.

All these and more when you book a consultation with NTRUST. Call +65 6299 0245 to be able to get an assistance with the appointment booking. Alternatively, fill out our online assessment form and get an initial assessment of your eligibility.