More Opportunities For International Students

More Opportunities For International Students

Perth and Canberra now belongs to Regional Cities!

The definition of regional Australia is changing – at least for migration purposes. Starting today, new definitions will apply to a range of Australian cities and regional zones, with impacts on visa processing, skilled migration and international education opportunities.

The federal government split regions into 3 categories/regions which are Major Cities, Cities & Major Regions, and Major Regional Areas & other territories. Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney will not be participating in these changes. Others will go according to postal coding, and cities and major regional areas will have an extension of one year for their 485 sponsorship visas.

Current Student Visa holders who are planning to apply for Subclass 485 in the future will likely to benefits.

Increased opportunity for students who are going in to study in Western Australia because there is a new pathway that will lead to their residency status. Another compelling reason for students especially if they are located in Singapore right now to go to Canberra and Perth to study is because of the favorable exchange rate.

Other than that, skilled migrants moving to Australia’s regional areas on newly introduced regional visas will save thousands of dollars every year on medical expenses.

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