Australia Visa Application – Avoiding Fraud

Australia Visa Application – Avoiding Fraud

Your lack of knowledge with the entire Australia visa application programme might make you a target for swindles or fraudulent acts by unregistered migration agencies. While we would like to believe that all organizations are working diligently, there are still many reasons why we might be susceptible to fraud.

No, it is not hard to determine which agencies provide better services than the others do. Prevention and detection are very crucial, as preventing things to happen is much easier than recovering from the loss of being a visa fraud victim.

Visa frauds are disguised in so many forms. Below are the things that you should be mindful of when engaging Australia migration agencies.

Registration Is Very Important

One of the best things about engaging a registered migration agent is that you are sure that your agent is regulated and monitored by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Aside from that, they are also required to take continuing professional development (CPD) courses to keep them updated with the current rules and regulations of the immigration process. Simply go through the MARA website and check if the agency is registered or not. Moreover, the longer the agent has been registered the stronger the experience is.

Reviews and Feedbacks are Relevant

Just like the years of experience, client feedback and reviews matter in a migration agency’s capacity to provide professional advice. If you are to consider engaging a migration agency, read a lot! Read reviews online. There are clients who are very happy to share their experience with others — that is even more so if they had a bad experience. Most companies like us have testimonial section on the website for your reference. Google is your friend as well, as some legitimate business can be reviewed using Google.

Pushy Marketing Can be Intimidating

Reality is there’s a lot of businesses out there that do hardcore marketing, even in person, instead of giving you some time to think about some considerations to make. We have cases whereby we assessed clients as not qualified but told us that they have consulted with another agency and advised them to start the application. There’s also one whereby they have started the application, received negative outcome and consulted with us, only to find out that they are really not qualified. Taking money from clients who are not eligible is against the MARA regulation.

NTRUST is regulated with MARA, thus, we only practice what we should do. We will be upfront to you during your consultation appointment whether you are eligible or not. For us, it really makes a big difference working along with someone who actually cares about your situation. We value our customers more than our business. To talk to one of our migration agents, call 6299 0245.