Australia Visa Application – Are You Qualified?

Australia Visa Application – Are You Qualified?

If you are living overseas and you have been dreaming of migrating, working and living in Australia as a skilled migrant, the first step is to find out whether you will be eligible for an Australian Permanent Residency or any visa.

Let’s face it – immigration rules and regulations is not getting any easier. Australian Government has been implementing several changes to strengthen their immigration programmes.  All we can do, as an applicant, is to go with the flow of the changes for us to meet the requirements and obtain the visa we have been dreaming of. Skilled migration, in particular, is following a points-based system wherein you need to meet the passing mark of 60 points to qualify.

Below are the important things that you should take into consideration for you to qualify:

Age Does Matter

As part of the regulation changes that were taken effect 1st July 2017, all permanent skilled visas will have lower maximum age requirements and applicants must be under 45 years old when invited to apply for the skilled visa. Remember not to overlook that age is taken towards the end of the application process when you have been invited to lodge your application. Conservatively, allow yourself one to two years for this application if you are nearly reaching the age boarder line. Applicants in the 25 to 32 age bracket gets the highest points for the age though.

Know Your Nominated Occupation

Determining your nominated occupation for Skilled Migration can be straightforward or more difficult. An applicant who has qualification, work history and skills in accounting would normally select “Accountant” as their nominated occupation. However, a person who has educational qualifications, experience and skills in Information technology may opt for different nominated occupations such as ICT Security Specialist, ICT Support Technician, or Web Administrator, depending in their skillset and verifiable evidences of work history. Your nominated occupation should be in the Skilled Occupation List, which is being moderated annually, for you to qualify.

English Language Proficiency

For you to be eligible for an Australia Visa under Skilled migration, you would need to have sufficient ability in English language in four areas including listening, speaking, writing and reading. The English level you need to demonstrate depends on the requirements of your visa and the organisation you plan to work. IELTS is one of the world’s most recognized English language tests.

Other than the abovementioned, your application will only be successful if you can provide verifiable evidences of your skillset, experience and qualifications. Know your eligibility for an Australian visa by filling out our online assessment form. Alternatively, let our consultants assess your family criteria by booking an appointment and calling +65 6299 0245.