Higher Skilled Migration Points, Guaranteed Approval?

Higher Skilled Migration Points, Guaranteed Approval?

Some would think that if they got 65 points on the skilled migration points system, or even higher score, there’s a guaranteed visa approval for their Australian Visa Application.

Yes, you may have higher skillset and qualifications than the other candidates and you will be prioritized over applications with lower scores, but there’s still no certainties that your application will be successful.

Misconception 3 – Getting Higher Points Guarantees Visa Approval

Be Conservative in Points Calculation

This is one of the most common mistakes many Do-It-Yourself applicants commit. Of course, with thousands of people planning to migrate to Australia, you want to stand out and get the most possible score you can have. It is possible to give yourself the highest possible score, however you need to possess enough proof evidence to demonstrate the skill corresponding to the points — failure to do so means you will not be able to validate your application. When scoring yourself, make sure to be on the conservative side instead of being too generous.

Another important thing you should put into consideration is the system will not provide you any advice on what your score should be. There are cases where after receiving an invitation to apply, candidates proceed with the application without enough proof to demonstrate their attributes only to find out that their application is bound to fail and they have spent thousands of dollars already for the application.

It is certain that higher point score is good for your application, but it is very important that all the information or attributes you provided are justifiable. A wide understanding on the Immigration process is essential to ensure a strong application.

At NTRUST, we only provide accurate assessment and immigration information to all our clients. As all cases must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, it is important that you know your eligibility criteria right from the very beginning.

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