LINKEDIN Released Most Sought After Job Skills In Australia

LINKEDIN Released Most Sought After Job Skills In Australia

Australia has been creating a lot of jobs in the past years, both for citizens and migrants.

Based on the research conducted by LinkedIn, the skills in demand by the Australian employers are changing promptly. The Australian head of LinkedIn Cliff Rosenberg said that the technology disruption is behind the change.

As part of the research conducted, LinkedIn detailed what skills currently have the highest demand from employers across the Australia.

Below are the highly sought-after job skills:

  1. Statistical analysis and data mining
    2. SEO/SEM marketing
    3. Middleware and integration software
    4. HR benefits and compensation
    5. Network and information security
    6. Mobile development
    7. User interface design
    8. Web architecture and development framework
    9. Algorithm design
    10. Corporate law and governance

With the result, Rosenberg said, “Our data strongly suggests that tech skills will continue to be most in demand. However, professionals also need soft skills to succeed as organisations are looking for well-rounded skill sets.”

In line with the research they conducted, most of the hiring managers said that they are having a hard time looking for professionals who are not only good in their area of expertise, but also those that have soft skills, which comprises teamwork, ownership and problem-solving.

As a result as well, most hiring managers agreed that the lack of soft skills for employees limits productivity, thus they also find it difficult to fill in positions that require leadership.