How Australia Deals With The Pandemic?

How Australia Deals With The Pandemic?

We’re only left with 4 months until the end of the current financial year.

Moving forward to 1st July 2021, and with the current situation of borders still being closed, the target is still onshore applicants. With the fear that people from overseas may spread the virus again, they have announced the extension of strict border closure until June. Whatever happens after June is still uncertain — if the situation goes on like this, the State is left with no choice, and the Department of Home Affairs is also left with no choice.

Just on the 8th March 2021, from an Interview with Scott Morrison, the State has already addressed the biggest economic challenge that it is facing when it comes to increasing the scale, capacity, and skills of its workforce. If the situation ends up like this for the long term, Australia will have a lot of skill shortage, and a lot of problems will come in, affecting major sectors and education.

Mr. Morrison then suggested that once the COVID situation gets a little bit better and migration resumes, the migration program will be adjusted to meet growing needs, such as care and nursing care where local workers are scarce.

“We need to reconsider the role that temporary visa holders play in meeting the labor needs of our economy when Australians do not occupy these jobs,” he said. He then abruptly added that the state may still experience this economic downturn after the pandemic.

Whether they approve visa or not, we don’t have any control over it.

With Immigration being halted and uncertainties still lingering, migrants-to-be are in limbo when it comes to making decisions to pursue their application. We, at NTRUST, always believe in the concept of “just in case”, where we all need to be resilient and understand to doing what we should do not when we badly need them the most, but because we wanted to be ready and to secure ourselves from further setbacks. To this extent, getting yourself a visa to Australia is probably the best insurance policy that you and your family can buy.

It pays to be proactive than to be reactive when we live in a very risky global situation that demands speed and flexibility. Kick start your Australia PR Application with us by discussing your eligibility criteria with one of our resident consultants. Call us at +65 6299 0245 for more information. Alternatively, attend our FREE Australia Immigration Webinar to get a general overview of how the Immigration Department is dealing with the pandemic.