Migrating To Australia? 5 Best Cities For Singaporeans To Settle Down In

Migrating To Australia? 5 Best Cities For Singaporeans To Settle Down In

Compared to Singapore, Australia is a large country with major cities separated by tens of thousands of kilometers of desert and farmland. Because of this it can be difficult to move between cities. Each city and state have their own culture and climate which are often amplified in their capital cities. By understanding the different communities across Australia, you can better choose which state and city to lay down your roots in when migrating to Australia from Singapore.

1. Ideal For Job Opportunities - Sydney

Sydney is one of the most iconic cities in Australia. The capital of New South Wales, this modern metropolis is an economic powerhouse making it the perfect location to set up an office or establish connections in the Australian business world. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for business migration to Australia from Singapore, then Sydney is the locus of opportunities that you’ve been looking for. 

But Sydney is more than just business; foodies will be delighted by the thriving gastronomic and cultural scene. You can fluidly move from the office to some iconic landmarks and cultural icons like the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and sports stadiums. 

However, if you want to migrate to Australia from Singapore, note that Sydney has the highest cost of living in Australia compared to other cities. But for this cost, Sydney-dwellers are not only connected to the thriving Central Business District (CBD) businesses, but are only a moderate drive from beautiful locations like the Blue Mountains.

2. A City Steeped In Culture - Melbourne

Melbourne has been ranked amongst the top three most livable cities ever since the metric was started in 2002 – and for good reason. Melbourne is a thriving hub of culture, art, music, food, coffee, architecture and history. There is something for everyone in this city. 

Divided into a grid, this city is designed for walking. Many Singaporeans with a student visa in Australia enjoy the historic buildings. Hardworking expatriates and entrepreneurs with business visas often flock to secret rooftop bars that are popular with locals in Victoria to unwind after a hard day’s work too. Take a walking tour to discover all the local haunts and scandalous history of the city. 

Beyond culture, locals who desire to migrate to Australia from Singapore might find comfort in the fact that 28% of Singapore migrants choose to settle in Melbourne meaning you will find reminders of home in this multicultural metropolis.

3. All-round Appeal - Adelaide

Adelaide is gaining popularity as an Australian city to migrate to due to its relaxed country feel and affordability. For those intimidated by the packed cities of Melbourne and Sydney, Adelaide is an excellent option with many inhabitants preferring to reside in the lush outer suburbs over the CBD.

Adelaide is a good place for those with Australian business visas or student visas as the city is dedicated to recruiting a minimum of 5000 skilled immigrants each year with an emphasis on healthcare, education and manufacturing. 

This country city is also home to a rich cultural scene with many rustic eateries, local galleries and music festivals. This gives Adelaide a homely feel and strong sense of community. If you are migrating to Australia from Singapore and are used to a relaxed, small-town feel, then Adelaide might be the city for you.

4. Filled With Expatriate Communities - Perth

With hot beaches, lush greenery and a relaxed community, it’s no wonder why Australian immigration finds its home in Perth. Like Adelaide, this city is often neglected due to its smaller size, but this can be a draw for those looking for a more relaxed lifestyle. With plenty of outdoor activity options and an affordable cost of living, Perth offers a high quality of life to immigrants and locals alike. 

The largest draw for prospective inhabitants is the large and dynamic immigrant community. Some estimates report that expatriates make up nearly a third of Perth’s permanent community with UK and South African immigratants making up a large portion of that number. To account for the large immigrant community, the city is welcoming and easy to adjust to. With all these qualities, this makes it a perfect locale for migration to Australia from Singapore for those who crave community and connection with like-minded individuals.

5. Perfect For Families - Hobart

Located on the southern island of Tasmania, Hobart boasts an old-world feel. Many travellers compare Hobart with northern parts of the UK in terms of weather and architecture. This city is one of the coldest in Australia, but this unique climate provides inhabitants with stunning views, lush greenery and a keen connection to the land. Hobart offers some of the cheapest housing in Australia at this time which makes it perfect for families on a budget.

On top of that, Tasmania is considered a safe and wholesome environment for children. There are many quality educational institutions across the isle and, which such a small state, commute time is limited, leaving parents with more time to spend with their children or pursuing hobbies. Our only tip for moving to Hobart: make sure you have a house secured before you migrate to Australia from Singapore as there is limited housing in the city and around the Island.

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