Not Skilled, No Migration Possibility?

Not Skilled, No Migration Possibility?

Sure, Australia is the ideal place for those who are looking for a country with diverse culture, great sceneries and high quality of life. But, it is also a great avenue for those who are thinking of migrating to Australia to look for great career opportunities.

If you’ve got a job offer, you may be able to obtain a visa grant under employer nomination scheme. However, for those who cannot get any employer sponsorship, the Australian visa application process tends to get even tougher. With thousands of migrants under skilled migration program heading to the shores of Australia, the thought of joining them can seem to be very challenging. For some, what makes it even more daunting is when their occupation is not in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Misconception 2

Visa grant is impossible because your occupation is not in the SOL

SOL is being reviewed every year by the federal government to ensure that occupations on the list are appropriate to meet Australia’s labour needs. You may be eligible for a skilled visa if you are deemed a skilled migrant worker with the right skillset needed in Australia.

Don’t lose hope, however, if your occupation is not in the SOL. Just because your occupation is not in the SOL doesn’t mean you will not be eligible for an Australia visa. There’s another pathway you can take where you can be eligible for state and territory nomination or even employer sponsorship. Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) is a list of occupation as well where it requires state nomination in order to be eligible for a visa, in which it also entails to have the minimum required points.

Whether you decided on a state nomination visa, independent skilled migration visa, or even a working holiday visa, you don’t have to do anything but to let your eligibility be assessed by professional Australia migration agents.

As Singapore’s most established registered immigration specialists, NTRUST doesn’t promote immigration services, but keeps upfront to all our clients instead to maximise the chances of getting successful applications. Your occupation not being included in the SOL or CSOL doesn’t end your chances of migrating to Australia. We will provide you the best possible pathway you can take to still fulfill your Australian dream life.

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