The Australian Visa Application Process – Common Misconceptions

The Australian Visa Application Process – Common Misconceptions

Lifestyle, children’s education and a great work-life balance are just some things that have made Migrating to Australia a dream for many.

We have represented countless applicants who, at first, thought themselves not qualified to succeed. Yet, we have met others who thought themselves highly qualified and skilled putting in a DIY Australian visa application only to be met with a visa refusal!

We suspect, due to a myriad of senseless assumptions, fear or confusion that many potential migrants have postpone their plans, aborted the idea of migrating completely or have simply put the visa application process into the “too hard” basket, for rightfully so, Australian immigration regulations are indeed one of the most complex and demanding set of all legal requirements Down Under.

As Singapore’s leading firm of registered immigration specialists, this series of 4 short weekly blogs aims to educate and debunk some common misconceptions in the hope that applicants may seeking a new life Down Under may professional help save some money, time and effort.

Misconception 1

A Do- it -Yourself (DIY) visa application is cheaper and it is not that difficult since thousands have done so successfully

Well, whilst it may be cheaper to DIY, you may not be doing the right thing and which may actually cost you more in the long run or worst, ruin your plans completely with a visa refusal. Yet where thousands may have succeeded, others may have failed!

Admittedly, an applicant may save several thousands in professional charges attempting an application on their own. However, one should always factor in the time, effort and energy spent to research the various application options and strategies.

How much more productive would you or your family member be if you were doing the things you enjoy or invested the same amount of energy into your business or career instead of trying to determine your eligibility and attempting the application’s paperwork by yourself?

The complexity of the law may mean that information contained even in governmental websites are sometimes fraught with ambiguities. Therefore, after reading and trying to understand all the requirements, you’re still none the better off than if you’d have sought professional help.
If the Department of Home Affairs in Australia exists to serve he needs of the economy by evaluating an applicant’s eligibility, how then can they be relied on for information or to help an applicant qualify?

Registered Immigration Agents and lawyers are however, required under the law to be upfront and help you out forward an application to maximise the chances of your success. We stand on the “same side of the fence” as our clients in ensuing that what needs to be done and omitting the irrelevant information because more is not always better.

If you’re keen on Australian immigration and wish for an obligation and “sales free” eligibility assessment, a professional consultation is a must!

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