The Many Benefits Of Becoming An Australian Permanent Resident

The Many Benefits Of Becoming An Australian Permanent Resident

With a great balanced lifestyle backed with a good economy and wonderful sceneries all over the country, Australia is continuously becoming the most preferred migration destination compared to other countries. Be it you’re already in Australia under a temporary visa or just contemplating about making the move, applying for an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) visa allows you to enjoy the many benefits Australian citizens are entitled to.

Here’s a summary of the privileges you will enjoy after obtaining the Australian PR:

1. Privilege to live in Australia Indefinitely – A permanent visa entitles you to go in and out of the country indefinitely given that your visa is still valid (normally 5 years). You can stay in the country even if it has expired, however, if you want to arrange a travel, you’ll need to apply a Resident Return Visa (RRV).

2. Social Security – New migrants should wait for at least two years before they become entitled to get social security benefits. Bear in mind that proper advice about your eligibility for these benefits should be acquired from the Department of Human Service. Benefits include family tax payment, health care card, sickness allowance, youth training allowance, and many more.

3. Medicare – Once you are already an Australian PR, you’ll also be entitled for Medicare. It provides you access to free medical treatment at public hospitals, cheaper health insurance and even subsidized medicine.

4. Opportunity to Pursue Higher Education – Aside from the great employment opportunities you can have in Australia, you can also have the freedom to pursue a higher education you prefer after obtaining your PR. Each state government manages its own education system, meaning school funds and regulation are set state by state.

5. Higher Education Loans Program (HELP) – If you are looking for financial assistance for tertiary education, you don’t have to worry too much, as HELP is a loan facility covering tuition fees, books and related materials, special equipment and many more depending on your eligibility.

6. Migration Sponsorship – After obtaining your permanent residency and have met certain residence and support assurance pre-requisites, you also have the privilege to sponsor your partner or relatives.

These are only a few of the many benefits you can enjoy after obtaining your Australia Permanent Resident visa. Don’t know if you’re eligible for a permanent visa? Let NTRUST assist you in your migration plans. We specialize in Australia permanent residency application and other visa services. Call (65)6299 0245 to book a consultation appointment or fill out our free online assessment to receive an initial assessment of your eligibility.