Australia Permanent Resident Application – Don’t Get Caught Up

Australia Permanent Resident Application – Don’t Get Caught Up

Indeed, Australia is a popular destination for most people all over the world when it comes to leisure, and even working and immigration purposes.

Each year, thousands of Australian visa are being issued. In fact, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) allocated 190,000 intakes for the permanent migration programme for the fiscal year 2017-18. Despite the fact that Australia has abolished the temporary 457 visa and has removed 200 professions from the official occupation list, the allocated number of intake remain stable over the years. That number represents a good opportunity for would-be migrants who wish to be Australia Permanent Residents.

With that being said, there can be another side to this story that everyone should be mindful for. Some people who try to apply for Australian visas have found themselves being victims of swindles. Fraudulent companies, unfortunately, target people across the globe to take advantage of their desire to migrate across to Australia and work there. Some illegal companies would even say that certain visas could allow prospects to work there, when in fact they really cannot.

Understanding Visa Types

Some people are eligible to visit Australia on an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), which can be applied from the DHA website. This ETA provides eligible passport holders a quick and easy way to apply for a tourist visa to Australia. This visa does not allow you to work in Australia. If you want to work and live in Australia permanently, you should undergo skilled migration programme or any appropriate visa type. Subclass 189 and 190 allows you to live, work and stay permanently in Australia. Negligence to understand different visa conditions will surely not protect anyone from being detained and deported by the immigration authorities. Not only that, anyone who go against the immigration rules and regulation might be banned from entering Australia.

Engage Only Legal Services

The Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) regulates agents in providing advice and assistance when it comes to visa application. You can only trust registered migration agents, as they must be qualified and must demonstrate that they have wide knowledge about the immigration rules and regulations. When engaging services, do yourself a favor; check the registration number of the agent. You have to understand as well that these agents are only there to provide you professional advice and assistance, that they are still not the ones deciding on the outcome of your application.

Here at NTRUST, we value our clients as much as we value our registration with the MARA. We advocate and represent any application in the best possible way we can. When thinking of getting assistance with your migration plans, just give us a call at 6299 0245 to book a professional consultation.