Reasons People Are Migrating To Australia

Reasons People Are Migrating To Australia

Thousands of families are migrating to Australia year after year, and some have disclosed their reasons to us for doing so; better career opportunity, better education system for their children and improved quality family life were some of the reasons cited.

Quality universities in Singapore, for example, will cost families a fortune. For some who have younger children, being able to be with their kids most of the time without sacrificing their (hectic) work schedule is a continuous dilemma, both for locals and non-locals. Nevertheless, most think that they can get the life they are dreaming about for their family in Australia.

Considered as the most successful immigration nation worldwide, Australia focuses on continuously delivering persistent economic prosperity backed with a generous migration programmes over the years. In fact, the migration programme has contributed a lot to the faster growth of the nation’s population, based on the Australia Bureau of Statistics.

For children’s sake

The good thing about having the Australian Permanent Resident (PR) status is even though they are non-citizens, they can still enjoy to live, work, study and have a good education for their children, the same benefits Australian citizens are getting. Talking about education’s perspective, many think that education is better in Australia. You wouldn’t need to send your children to private school, because as a PR you can either get subsidized or free education in public schools, and the quality is of the same as privates’. Fast forward to college, your children can also apply for a loan from the government, which is payable in a certain amount of time after finishing their degree.

For family’s sake

Everyone always wants the best for their family. Once granted a PR visa, you are entitled to go in and out of the nation unrestrictedly provided that you are still holding a valid visa; normally, you are going to be granted a 5-year permanent visa. You have the ability to stay in Australia even if it expires, but you would need to file a Resident Return Visa (RRV) if you have plans of flying out of the country. Alongside, you will also be entitled to social security benefits after two years of being granted the PR. Most important is, you’ll also be able to get access to Medicare, which gives you and your family free medical treatment and subsidized medicine at public hospitals.

These are only a few of the benefits of becoming an Australian PR. Immigration is a family decision simply because it may affect your career growth, your spouse’s life after migration, and the future of your children. Choose the right immigration agency carefully, as their professional advice may help you decide on which path to take. Call us at 6299 0245 to book a professional consultation.