Immigration Environment and its Effect in Your Plans to Migrate to Australia from Singapore

Immigration Environment and its Effect in Your Plans to Migrate to Australia from Singapore

Current Immigration Environment - Migrate to Australia from Singapore

Evidence of indigenous settlement in this land Down Under dates back over 20,000 years, yet Australia can only boast a history merely of about 200 years. A relatively young nation, it was obvious that immigration be relied upon as the key driver to nation building and a workhorse backbone of the economy, thus, many are attracted to migrate to Australia from Singapore.

However, the onset of the Covid pandemic in 2020 has seen the Australian authorities slamming shut its borders in an attempt to contain the disease’s spread. Two years on, we ask the million-dollar question: what is the future prospect of those who intend to, but have yet to embark on applying for residency? What is the future of immigration in this country who, for most part of this century has pursued an open transparent and fair system, opening its arms to declare that “…For those who’ve come across the seas we’ve  boundless plains to share…”?

Importance of Migrants

Immigration certainly plays a big role in the economic development of a country. Many would agree if we say that immigrants have higher labour force participation than native-born workers. This is because most of the migrants come with strong urge to look for better job opportunities, thus, it aids to rapidly replenish the nation’s workforce. Be it in the technology, finance, engineering, or teaching industry, there’s definitely a healthy share of migrants. Australia has been successful in maintaining a healthy migration program, with efficient budget allocation to infrastructures, education and skills development, ensuring it retains its reputation as a dynamic country.

Is the Golden Age of Australia Immigration Over?

No! But, as dynamic as it may seem, it keeps changing simply with the goal to attract high caliber migrants which is beneficial to the nation’s economy. Gone are the days when you can be able to migrate to Australia from Singapore with your residency status in just a matter of six months to one year and a half. Maintaining a good balance between the supply and demand for skilled migrants, and at the same time putting into consideration the employability of the locals is one of the things that Australia government have been continuously working on in order to provide fair share of employment opportunities  to both locals and migrant workers.

The Current Immigration Environment

If you have immigration on the horizon and intending to kick start the application, you have to bear in mind that rules and regulations are very dynamic: you can be eligible today, and may not after three months. We at NTRUST, we don’t believe that analyzing historical data nor forecasting will be of great help now with the current immigration environment – invitation trends three years ago will never be the same now as they tend to swing depending on several factors. With almost 19 years of experience in the industry, we have noticed that the current Immigration environment has proven that it does not follow any clear pattern.

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