The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Transportation In Australia

The Ultimate Guide To Types Of Transportation In Australia

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Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the southern hemisphere with a diverse range of flourishing landscapes and rich cultures to learn about. There is a lot to see and explore down under, which is why so many Singaporeans decide to migrate to Australia. If you’re not already familiar with the country and cities, then getting around such a large country may pose a challenge. Below, we’ve outlined your best transport options for exploring the Australian landscape so you can get around easily.

1. Buses And Coaches

Public transport in Australia is different depending on which state you are visiting. In Victoria, to use public transport you must get a Myki card. You can get these cards at some newsagents and train stations. Top up money on your Myki using the machines conveniently located at major bus stops and train stations, and use them to tap on and off public transport in the state. Queensland uses a similar system but has an Opal card instead. Most of these services can be accessed using a smart card system, but make sure you check what payment system the state you’re in uses to avoid a fine.

Coaches and buses are a fun and affordable way to get around the country. Occasionally, bus tickets can be purchased directly from the drivers in regional cities too. To book buses or coaches, you can head to websites such as Greyhound or Transport Network Australia.  If you have a student visa and are enrolled at an Australian education institution, you may be eligible for a student travel concession card which makes travelling by buses even more affordable for international students. 

2. Trains

There are two railway systems in Australia: public and private. Public trains operate mostly within cities with a few public trains operating between states and regions. The public trains are operated by the state government and can be paid for using a travel card from that state. Public trains are very affordable and are an economical way of moving through the country. 

Private train companies are much more expensive but offer a unique experience and perspective of the Australian countryside for those migrating to Australia. Services like The Ghan and The Indian Pacific operate across large expanses of the Australian outback and are attractions in and of themselves. These luxury trains are a great way to meet locals and experience some of the best of Australia. 

3. Taxis

Taxis are a good option for short and middle distance trips. They are comfortable, clean and private which is appealing after a long day of public transport and walking. Like in many other countries, taxis are available by the side of the road to take you where you want to go. If you are an international student and want to book a trip in advance, you can book a taxi or a service like Uber to get you where you want to go. However, because Australia is such a large country, Uber only operates within major cities and townships. If you’re in the remote country, cycling, driving, or public transport may be a better option. 

4. Cycling

In cities like Sydney and Melbourne, there is a huge practical and recreational cycling community. For many city-dwellers, cycling to work is a great way to skip the morning traffic and stay fit. When it comes to tourism, the local Melbourne government provides e-bikes for hire at a reasonable cost. For international students in Australia, this represents a convenient and cost-effective way to get around too. If you’re an avid cycler eager to get involved in cycling groups, you can mention this at your visa application interview or during a health check up. This demonstrates that you are healthy and excited to engage in this aspect of Australian life. 

5. Driving

For international students in Australia, if you have a full and valid drivers’ licence, it may be worth converting it to an Australian driver’s licence. Not only is this a more recognisable form of identification throughout Australia, it means you can buy or hire a car to get around in. To hire a car you must be at least 21 years old and have a full overseas licence or International Driver Permit. Considering the cost of living in Australia, this can be an expensive option. For those wanting to use a car sporadically, there are car share services available throughout Australia that allow you to book a car for a period of time. This means you can do day trips to local areas, like the Great Ocean Road if you’re in Melbourne, or the Gold coast theme parks if you’re in Brisbane. Just make sure that you feel confident driving on Australian roads before you hire a car— insurance can be expensive if you get into an accident. 

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