Post Pandemic Recovery for Australia Migration

Post Pandemic Recovery

Australia is currently seeing immigration numbers which has never been seen the likes of it. There is a huge influx of migrants as well as students coming to Australia. As mentioned in our previous articles as well, the biggest offshore programs for migrants wanting to get across to Australia would be the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program.

This program is essentially for people who speak proficient levels of English, fulfills the minimum required qualification and must be working in a nominated occupation on the skilled occupation list.

Covid had practically brought Australia immigration to a grinding halt. It has also altered in the ways in which we live and work. Ever since the borders of Australia fully opened in 2022, Australia has entered a stage of post-pandemic recovery.

Applications have been seen to be moving faster as the Australian government has hired additional workers to clear the backlog of visa applications. The country is currently in a critical shortage of workers.

If you were to ask us, when would be the best time to apply? Now would be the prime time to apply. As our saying always go, always apply for what you qualify for when you qualify, if you qualify and do not apply, when you want to apply, you may not qualify.

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