The Federal Budget 2022-2023: Which Types Of Visas Should You Apply For When Migrating to Australia?

The Federal Budget 2022-2023: Which Types Of Visas Should You Apply For When Migrating to Australia?

The federal budget was recently announced and outlines the Australian government’s plans for the next financial year. This is particularly significant as Australia has experienced a change in government during the last election. Large changes to spending, particularly around immigration, are expected as the new government establishes itself. 

With the labor government in power, it comes as no surprise that places for permanent skilled migrant workers will increase over the next financial year. Alongside this, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs confirmed that partner visas will not be subject to a cap and will be processed on a demand-driven model, which means that it is potentially unlimited despite the fact that the number of estimated places has been reduced to 40,500 places, or 56% of the 72,300 places for 2021-22.

These are a few of the changes that those considering migrating to Australia will be affected by in the coming year. As a immigration expert, NTRUST teams stay up to date on all legal developments. We’ve gone through the Australian budget and highlighted the visa types most affected, including skilled migrant visas, partner visas, student visas, family visas, PRs and more.

1. Visa Subclass 491

The provisional residency visa subclass 491 is an extended stay visa which allows approved candidates migrating to Australia to live, study, and work in a selected regional area of Australia for a period of five years. As long as the visa is valid, successful applicants can travel to and from Australia anytime they like. 

Once the visa holder has passed the 3-year mark, they can begin the process of applying for permanent residency. This visa is currently being given priority for processing as the Australian government is eager to welcome migrants who can contribute to the long-term economic success of the country. Skilled migrants in particular are encouraged to apply for long term visas like subclass 491.

2. Visa Subclass 189

Speaking of economic growth, subclass 189, or the Skilled Independent Work Visa, is in high demand right now. Those who possess skills or qualifications listed on the Skilled Occupations record will be eligible for this visa. this visa that lets them work and live in the country as a permanent resident. 

To be eligible for this visa, applicants must be qualified in one of the listed occupations, and also be:

  • Under 45 years of age
  • Basic English communication skills (Competent English)
  • Passing health requirements
  • Passing character requirements
  • No outstanding debts to the Australian government
  • Willing to sign the Australian Values Statement

Alongside this, Australian immigration applicants must undergo an independent skills assessment. You can read more about the specifics of the application process for this visa in this article.

3. Visa Subclass 190

Subclass 190 shares many similarities with subclass 189. The primary difference for those seeking to migrate to Australia from Singapore is with regards to sponsorship and the operations thereof. Applicants for this form of visa can only be accepted and nominated by Australian state or territory governments, not by private businesses.

The application process is also relatively similar, with one exception. Rather than providing a letter of employment, sponsorship, or recommendation from any private employer, these letters must come from approved employers for a job within regional Australia.

These visas require candidates to complete a skills exam administered by the employers in order to receive their nominations.

If you want to migrate to Australia from Singapore, and would prefer to live in a more regional area, then this visa will be a good option for you.

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