Top 4 Must-Bring Items When You Migrate To Australia

Top 4 Must-Bring Items When You Migrate To Australia

Migration to Australia is great opportunity to start afresh, learn about another culture, and create something new, but it’s important to remain practical even as your vision becomes a reality. Although Australia’s borders are now open, that excitement can turn into worry quickly as it can be hard to know what the essentials are, and without them, you can find yourself in a difficult situation. 

NTRUST has been helping with migration to Australia from Singapore for nearly 20 years. One question that gets asked frequently is ‘what should I bring?’ We’ve put together this travel checklist on essentials you need to pack when migrating to Australia to ensure you have the best experience.

1. Visa, Passport & Essential Documents

The number one item that you should pack when migrating to Australia is official documents. Without key documents like visas, passports, identification, qualifications, skills assessments and more, you may find your trip delayed or cancelled. Many airport checkpoints will look over visa papers to ensure they are authentic, so be prepared to offer up documentation in line with the terms and conditions outlined in your visa acceptance letter. 

Depending on your type of visa, you may need to bring specific documentation. Students will be required to show an OSHC card, and some job-related visas will require a letter of sponsorship or skills assessment alongside the standard visa documents. 

You can keep all these documents in a folder that is easily accessible and secure. A zip folder with a lock would work well but there are many other options available. Having a designated location for these key documents is an effective measure to prevent misplacing or loosing important papers.

2. Currency

If you’ve already set up an Australian bank account and transferred money across, this is a good start, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking this is enough. In the event that you cannot access your cash in-country, particularly if you are arriving on a weekend, then having some cash to pay for food, payphones, and other amenities will be a huge help. The last thing you want is to be stranded due to a lack of available money. 

A tip for getting money to migrate to Australia: order it beforehand from a reputable exchange location. Airports are often more expensive for this type of service, so making preparations beforehand will save you a bit of money.

3. Chargers & Adaptors

Once your plane has safely landed in Australia’s borders, you’ll want to inform your friends and family, and move towards the next step of your journey. This can be particularly difficult if your phone or laptop is dead by the end of the journey. The best way to prevent this is by packing a charger in a secure and easy to reach location. Take layovers or waiting periods as an opportunity to charge up and prepare for the flight. 

You want to avoid buying a charger or adoptor at the airport; they are always far more expensive that what you would find elsewhere. Instead of footing this extra cost, make sure to purchase a quality adaptor and phone chargers before leaving. You can always purchase an Australian plug once you’re more established in the country- for now, double check you have a charger and adaptor before starting your migration journey.

4. Medication

If you’re on regular medication, this doesn’t stop after your migration to Australia from Singapore. To ensure you remain in a healthy state throughout your journey, make sure to pack a few days worth of medication in your carry on luggage as well as a doctors note if your medication contains sensitive or regulated ingredients. If you need to take it at regular times, set an alarm on your phone because when you’re flying, your sense of time will become warped. 

The rest of your medication can go into your checked luggage. If you need a prescription filled regularly, you can visit a GP in Australia to help you set up a refill. 

Don’t forget to bring any medication you may need for the flight like anti-nausea, paracetamol, electrolytes, or vitamins. These will go a long way to making your flight a pleasant experience.

Migrate Without Worry With NTRUST

Australia’s open borders are a great chance to finalise your plans to migrate to Australia, and with this travel checklist, Singapore travellers will enjoy a smooth experience. 

NTRUST is an established visa and travel consultation office that specialises in helping those living in Singapore that are migrating to Australia. If you want more travel and visa tips, visit our blog for expert advice. If you’d like assistance for your personal migration journey, get in touch with one of our team members today or visit our store in person. We’re excited to help you successfully migrate to Australia.