Top 3 Groups That Benefit From The Opening Of Australia’s Borders

Top 3 Groups That Benefit From The Opening Of Australia's Borders

After 18 months of lockdowns and stringent border crossing procedures, Australia is opening its borders to Singapore. As of 8th of November 2021, fully vaccinated Singaporeans who have tested negative for a COVID-19 test can enter the country. This is an exciting opportunity for individuals who were forced to return home or had to delay travel plans on account of the pandemic. With Australia remaining a hot travel destination for Singaporeans, the Australian community expects an influx of tourists, students and workers now that the borders are open. This announcement will be celebratory and exciting news for a few groups looking to migrate to Australia from Singapore.

1. International Students

Atop the list of groups whose immigration to Australia was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic were international students. Australian universities suffered huge losses when  a significant portion of international students withdrew their attendance. This decision was motivated by fear, family pressure, and a desire for stability and connection in the midst of a challenging time. Regardless of the motivations for migrating to Australia, the open borders mean students can now return to universities to recommence their studies. Australian education institutions rely heavily on international students for income, so they are eager to ensure international students enjoy a world-class educational experience. Many universities have resources for international students including housing assistance, English language groups, social clubs, counselling and more. The Australian government feels similarly. It is executing plans to recommence granting Australian student visas in all locations lodged outside the country’s borders to facilitate migration to Australia. This means when borders re-open, students will already have visas and be able to make arrangements to travel. With the Australian government and universities eager to welcome international students, there is no better time to apply to be a student in Australia for Singaporeans.

2. Skilled Migrants

If you are a young professional or worker with specialised skill sets, then you can benefit from border openings as well. Australia is home to many job opportunities for skilled individuals around the world, including nurses, accountants, engineers, architects, IT professionals, and more. It has a strong economy that relies on skilled migration. When there are gaps in the social skill set, the Australian government encourages skilled foreign nationals migrating to Australia to apply for residency visas. With the pandemic, the gaps in skill sets have widened exponentially meaning the government is eager for talented individuals to migrate to Australia. This win-win scenario means such workers can land a job they enjoy in a beautiful country, and the skilled migrants can boost its economic growth and increase its job opportunities. Now is an ideal time to apply for a skilled migrant visa if you have the skill sets the local government is looking for and harbour dreams of immigration to Australia. Skill shortages across various workforces mean the government is eager to introduce new workers via migration to Australia and boost the economy.

3. Families

Whilst there were strong economic impacts of the pandemic, it’s important to note the emotional damage which border closures have caused for many individuals. There are many heartbreaking stories of families divided due to the pandemic. Australia’s hardline border policy meant that if visa holders wanted to leave the country for a funeral, for example, they could not re-enter the country. Although the restrictions have caused much emotional turmoil for families, the loosened restrictions mean that families and communities can come back together to heal. Many couples, parents and children who were separated by the border restrictions will experience joyful reunions over the coming months. If you were one such family whose immigration to Australia was derailed by the pandemic, seize the opportunity to apply for a family migration visa to gather again with your family, now that the borders are reopened.

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Moving to Australia is a huge step, one that has been delayed for many Singaporeans over the past 18 months. Choosing to undertake migration to Australia from Singapore is an exciting step, and now that the Australian borders have opened, this aspiration can become a reality. But navigating Australian work and student visas can be confusing for those determined to immigrate. If you want help clarifying the Australian immigration process, consider NTRUST as a source for information and advice. With 18 years of experience helping Singapore students and workers migrate to Australia, we are equipped to help you navigate this challenging process. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with our team today or check out our articles which are full of helpful information about Australian immigration.